Plumbing Problems

What You Can Do About Leaky Pipes & Plumbing

The cost of repiping (replumbing) just one plumbing feature (sink, toilet, etc.) varies greatly ($600 – $2,000) with the expected costs of replumbing a whole system ranging anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000!

So what can you do?

As with so many things, Education is key. Learn about your home’s plumbing and piping. You’re going to need to be able to answer questions like –

  • How old are your plumbing pipes and fixtures?
  • Where do you source your home’s water?
  • What kind of waste system do you use?
  • Have there been any major (or minor!) renovations to your plumbing before?
  • Does your plumbing have any additional risks such as sewer backup?
    Tree root damage? or Low Water Pressure?
  • Get to know some Plumbing Terminology!
Ever woken up on a cold morning and your first thought was
“I forgot to drip the faucet!!”
Frozen pipes bursting are commonly an out-of-pocket expense to homeowners.

It may seem like a simple answer but the first step to most plumbing concerns in the home is to start by finding the leak. Early detection of things like dripping sounds, water stains, discolorations, and musty smells can save you thousands in renovations.

Lead pipes should be immediately replaced as they pose serious health hazards and Polybutylene pipes are known to fail and should be replaced as well. Older pipes do not necessarily mean that they must be replaced. Well-maintained plumbing outlasts systems that have hard water or high mineral content.

Plumbing supply lines have a lifespan anywhere between 70 – 100 years depending on the type of line used. Cast Iron drain (waste) lines also last between 80 – 100 years. PVC drain lines, however, only have a life between 25 – 40 years.

It is a good idea to get a 2nd or 3rd opinion before beginning any real plumbing renovation. To minimize future costs, consider pre-emptively replacing plumbing when you’re doing upgrades and renovations that expose your pipes.

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