We Buy From You

No need to hire Realtors, Lawyers, or even clean for an Open House!

Our 32Homes Team does it for you! Our Process is simple. If you’re looking to see what kind of an offer we can make on your property, just fill out the form and select the “Get my Fair Cash Offer” button. We’ll contact you with our offer ASAP.  There’s no obligation and it is totally free.

We want to build up our neighbors through home buying in our neighborhoods. Our Goal is to help you sell your home to us so you can succeed in Your Goals. It really is that simple.  We want to help you sell your house.

What You Can
Expect When We Make You a Cash Offer!

We compare your property with other similar houses in your area to determine our offer to you.  We follow our buying criteria, plug the numbers into our formula, and make you an offer.  No fudging numbers.  No funny business. 

We don’t believe in wasting our time or yours.  We want to buy your house.  That being said, the best way to do that is to offer you a fair price.  We do our research and we make our offer based on that data.

Our 32Homes Team is dedicated to helping you sell your house.  We streamline the buying process on our end so you can focus on making your next step.

Selling your home can be nerve-racking, but we don’t think it should be.

Our 32Homes Process was created with that in mind.  By minimizing the stress over all of the ‘unknowns’ that come with selling a property, we have helped people move on to bigger and better things.

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now...

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Our Professional Home Buying Team will
Guide you Through the Selling Process

Cash is easy.  Everyone likes cash.  We figured it would be best to just pay for your house in the easiest way possible.  Gold Bouillon is just a hassle to carry. (That joke is for you Pirate types.  Ar… *^_^*)

Sell your house with our team in Savannah, and when you accept our offer, all of that stress quickly goes away.  That’s why we’re here, to successfully sell your property swiftly, quick, fast or in whatever kind of hurry you’re in.

We can buy your house and you get you a “clean slate” – no more worrying about taxes, mortgage, or maintenance AND get paid a fair price.  We have your solution.  Skip the agency, forget the stress, fill out the form and we’ll do the rest. 

Get your house sold for cash by filling out the form for FREE. Our offer is FREE.  Accepting is FREE.  Clean up is FREE.  No Agency Fees.  No Lawyer Bills.  You get to take the money and run!  We can even help you find a new place!

Our Team Is Your Resource

We give our all cash offer as an alternative to home foreclosure. As a family-owned business, we want to give real relief to those who need help finding solutions to home or property stress. We’ve been there and we get it.


We know how long the light at DeRenne and Abercorn can be. We also know that the Lowcountry is particularly susceptible to things like termite and flood damage.


We know the value of hard work and we value your time. You’ll get your offer from us quickly and we will effectively communicate with you.


Because we are local, we know the nuances of the local economy, including the job and housing markets. Savannah just isn’t like other places and sometimes, just that understanding can make a world of difference.


No one should ever be cheated. We want to explain, one-on-one, how our offer is determined for your property so you can see exactly how our formula works for you.


The hardship of selling a property is temporary if you keep your eyes on the prize; you will have less stress with more opportunities for advancement in your life.

Eager to Help

We had help along the way and we believe in paying it forward. Aid. Advise. Assist. Enable. Support…
Wherever is the place between helpful neighbors and friends, that’s where we do our best work.

The hardest part of any adventure is taking the first step.

We are here to guide you through that step toward better financial stability and less property stress. Still curious about us? See who we are!

“Let’s Get To Work.”


What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now...

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