What is “AS-IS”?

You’ve probably seen the term around & it’s no secret that
AS-IS” has huge benefits to both buyers and sellers!

“What is ‘As-Is‘? We see that question a lot.   

 The explanation of ‘AS-IS’ buying and selling is so simple that it may
sound too good to be true. It’s 100% real and we love buying these houses.

So what isAS-IS‘?

“As is, when employed as a term with legal effect, is used to disclaim some implied warranties for an item being sold. Certain types of implied warranties must be specifically disclaimed, such as the implied warranty of title.” Wikipedia

As-is: A term used to describe a sales transaction in which the seller offers goods in their present,
existing condition to prospective buyers.

Basically, ‘AS-IS’ means that it is a legal disclaimer to purchase in the current or existing condition.  That being said, ‘AS-ISprotects the seller from any risk the buyer may be undertaking.  The buyer knows upfront that any and all issues are wholly their responsibility.

As an added bonus to both sides, it’s no secret and it allows all parties to be completely honest about any safety concerns, or damage prior to the final sale.

You needn’t worry, we won’t try to talk you into any addendums, repair, or otherwise. It doesn’t matter to us what condition it is in – we’ll buy it ‘AS-IS’, without the drama.  That’s the beauty of ‘AS-IS’!

Buying Houses in the Lowcountry

We buy throughout the Lowcountry and Coastal Region, Savannah, Tybee Island, Richmond Hill, Port Wentworth, Pooler, and Garden City.  Our 32Homes Team strives to Build our connections, Help our Neighbors, Grow our Community. Give us a call at (912) 421-9907

It doesn’t matter if your house was inherited, you are separating, are tired of renting to tenants, or avoiding foreclosure – we will make you a fair cash offer on your house in Chatham and Effingham Counties.



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